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Groovy and Grails meet up in Brighton

March 2nd 2009 by Posted In: Events, Programing & Development

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We are helping to organise a Groovy and Grails meet up in Brighton on the 24 March at 7pm.

Grails is one of the fastest growing web frameworks, and as Brighton has many meet ups for other frameworks and programming languages including Rails and Python, so we thought that it was time that there would be one for Grails and Groovy.  Another important reason is the creator of Grails, Graeme Rocher, has just moved down to Brighton.

Grails and Groovy

The reason that Wired magazine, Pepsi Cola, Sky TV use Grails, and why we at FeraLabs chose to develop Webnographer in Grails, is that it allows one to build an application quickly.

Grails uses the Groovy programming language, which is another creation from the United Kingdom. Groovy runs on the Java platform (which means it will run on most computers), and has a unique syntax that means it easy for both somebody from a Java background to start programming in it, and somebody more used to other dynamic languages like Python, Ruby, and Smalltalk.

The Book

Graeme has just written a book on Grails. He will bring a couple along to sell to the event, but you can order the book The Definitive Guide to Grails 2nd Edition (Expert’s Voice in Web Development) on Amazon as well.

The meet up in Brighton

At the meet up, Graeme will demonstrate the speed of developing in the framework by building a Twitter clone in less than 40 minutes. In my personal opinion not only is Grails fast to develop a web application in, it also has a very low learning curve for both the experienced programmer and the novice.

When and Where?

Danny Hope of #UXBRI (the meetup for User Experiance in Brighton) has kindly arranged for us to use the historic Regency TownHouse.

24 March @ 7pm
Regency Town House
13 Brunswick Square
Hove, East Sussex

Sign up for the event on Upcoming to secure your place.