Webnographer is the leading dedicated agency specialising in UX data. We use a multitude of custom tools and techniques. This includes Remote Usability Testing, Web Analytics, Surveys, and other tools to provide an in-depth understanding of online customer behavior.

What we do

Improve conversion rates

conversion rates

We help increase sales by pinpointing WHERE and WHY users experience issues in completing a journey.

Discover Interaction Issues

Discover Issues
before your uses do

Test early with real users to find UX issues before launch. We discover issues that stay hidden with other remote tools, or lab testing.

End to end user journey mapping<

End to end journey mapping

Discover what delights and frustrates your customers through all the different touch points they have with your organization.

Improve call center efficiency

calls to the call centre

We identify WHY customers are not finding what they need on the website, and why they end up calling your call centre.

Quality Assurance

the website works

Are functional issues creating barriers for users? Our quality check ensures the site works across browsers and devices.

Agile UX

Make UX Agile

Our process is geared towards agile and lean. Deliver your site to us on Friday. We get the results back to you Monday morning.

Return On Investment

Make a case
for return on investment (ROI)

Our unique methodology enables us to easily and accurately estimate the return of investment of a design improvement.

Benchmark the User Experience

user experience

Is the new design better or just different? We measure improvements and identify further optimisation opportunities.

International ux research

International UX research

Users around the world the world behave in different ways. We help companies test their websites in over 100 countries.

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Our Tools

To maximize the insights gained from online user research we have developed our own tools. These tools are coupled tightly to our methodology. They help us gain an indepth understanding of online user behaviour, and enable us to quantify and prioritise findings. As a result, actionable insights are shared with product managers, designers, and marketeers.

Remote Usability Testing

Remote Usability Testing

Task-based and true-intent studies for in-depth user behaviour evaluation.

Click Sort Card Sort

Click Sort Card Sort

The closed card sort to evaluate labeling and mental models of customers.

Click Stream and Web Analytics

Click Stream
and Web Analytics

Adds powerful insights when triangulated with survey and usability testing data.

In Page PopUp Survey

In Page PopUp Survey

Intercepts visitors on your website. They stay in the context of the page, while answering a short experience questionnaire.


Invite Surveys

Invite feedback via email
or panel recruitment.

Delayed Feedback Tool

Longitudinal Surveys

Collect user feedback over time
and across different channels.

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Our Methodology

The Webnographer methodology uses a Theory First approach. This approach means coming up with a Hypothesis first and then testing it in a structured way, allowing us to determine the validity of the Hypothesis.

Quality Check

Quality Assurance

The quality check assess

  • Is the site cross-browser compatible?
  • Are functional issues preventing task completion?
  • Is the site / prototype ready for usability testing?


Hypothesis Generation

  • Cognitive Walkthrough
  • Stakeholder hypothesis
  • Design as a hypothesis
Remote Usability Test


Research method

  • Remote usability testing with large number of users.
Analyse Questions Answered


Questions answered

  • Where do issues occur?
  • Why do they ocur?
  • Issue severity?
  • Estimate potencial uplift?
  • Recommendations for improvement?
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About Us

Webnographer was started by Sabrina Mach and James Page, because they felt there was a need to use UX Data to understand online user behaviour.

The company started with a Remote Usability Testing Tool, but then went to develope several services, and broaden tools and methods of understanding online user behaviour.

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Upcoming Events


About our Events

Since Sabrina and James started Webnographer they have been involved in creating events.

They helped organise the first UxCampEurope in Berlin, and together with Danny Hope they organised two UxBrighton conferences. With Jeff Sauro they put on Lean UX in Denver.

Both have given workshops and talks on remote user research at UX Lisbon, at EuroIA in Copenhagen, and at the UXPA in London and in Berlin.

In the Lisbon office the company regularly hosts technology meetups, such as require(lx), Lisbon UX Cocktail Hour, and Growth Hacking.

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Our Clients

We are working with some of the greatest sites on the Internet. We also work with some of the leading edge agencies and research firms.

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